Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Children's Story for All Ages

An Easter story
Once upon a time there was a great and glorious king who lived in the kingdom of Everland with his grown up son, Daystar (who was the spitting image of his dad) and a mysterious beautiful other person who was always with them.
The mystery about this other person is that you could never quite see him: it was as though you could a- l- m- o- s- t catch a glimpse from the corner of your eye - but then, no, not really.
One day this king decided that he would love to have a BIG family. Lots and lots of kids to love and who would love him too.
So he decided to make them (he could do that, so great and powerful was this king!)
To prepare for their big family, the king, his son Daystar and the mysterious beautiful other made a whole planet which they called Gardenland.

They fitted it out with everything the new children would need and a gazillion extra things just for fun.
Things like animals, birds, rivers, waterfalls, forests, flowers, seas, colours, music . . . 
So many wonderful things, just for them
It was like a playground and a perfect home all in one!
When everything was ready, the king made his children and put them into Gardenland.
They loved it there!
And the king came every day to play with them which made it perfect.
It was a happy time for everyone.
Then one day, the dark prince, who was very handsome but very wicked, sneaked into Gardenland without anyone noticing.
 He was VERY jealous of the king and decided to take his family away from him.
So the dark prince told lies to the children about the king - he told them the king didn't really love them at all and that he was tricking them.
The children believed him because he was so handsome and SO good at telling lies.
The moment they believed what the dark prince told them, a sort of mist came down over their hearts and  minds: they became afraid of the king and hid away from him.
The children also began to behave badly and hurt one another more and more instead of being the happy family the king had planned.
And Gardenland began to be very different, with sorrow and danger instead of the happy exciting place it had been.
The king was very sad about his family and very angry with the dark prince.
"We have to rescue our children from the dark prince and bring them back to us," he said to Daystar and the mysterious beautiful other.
"They have to know they ARE loved," he said.
Daystar was eager: "Let me go to Gardenland to rescue them. I have a plan. You stay in Everland and help me whenever I need it," he suggested to the king.
The king and the mysterious beautiful other agreed to his plan
So Daystar arrived in Gardenland.
He came quietly
No one knew who he really was and what he had come to do.
But day by day the great plan unfolded.
Some children began to believe that Daystar really had come from the king in Everland and, as soon as they believed, the mist lifted from their hearts and minds
Immediately they knew that the king really was glorious and that he really did love them.
So they joined Daystar in his quest to rescue the other lost children.
Their only weapons they all had were words of truth, like swords clashing against the lies of the dark prince.
The  mysterious beautiful other, who often came to help, made sure those weapons did their work well!
But the great plan had to include a dangerous and difficult day which would complete the rescue and lift the mist from the hearts and minds of all the king's children who had been trapped by the lies of the dark prince.
Sadly there was a high price to pay for this final rescue and Daystar had to pay that price
All by himself.
You know how sometimes it happens that a very brave person will risk his own life to rescue someone else? And sometimes, even lose his life doing so?
Well this is what Daystar was willing to do to rescue all the king's lost children.
The great king and the mysterious beautiful other were heartbroken to leave Daystar to do this hard thing alone.
But he said, "I also wish there were another way but there isn't, so I WANT to do this to get our children back," because he loved the king and they loved the children.
And so, the dangerous day dawned.
A truly terrible and sad day because Daystar gave his life to rescue the lost children
But it was also a truly glad day because it was the start of all the children having the mist lifted from their hearts and minds.
As soon as that happened, they remembered that the great king was their father and really did love them.
And they begin to love him again too.
It was also a joyous day because the dark prince had been beaten and his words had been seen to be lies.
And so this day is always remembered in Gardenland with both sadness and gladness: sadness because of what Daystar had to suffer and the heartbreak of the king and the mysterious beautiful other who saw his sufferings.
And gladness because the great and glorious king's family could come back together with no mist clouding their hearts and minds any more.
And - oh yes!
There is another happiness to the ending . . .
Daystar did not stay dead but very soon came out of his grave, full of life and so glad that the rescue mission had succeeded.
He went back to Everland where the family of the glorious king now have their forever home
But that's another story . . .


that_stac said...

One day you need to publish this beautiful story in print... WITH illustrations :) Thank you for sharing x

allie. said...

Thank you, Stac!
Tricky to illustrate this but I'll give it some thought.