Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jolling With Juniors


you are not allowed to read any further.


For the rest,

in the strictest confidence

I can confide that

some of our fun-est times

are fooling around with our very young family

when we are baby sitting


none of the grown-ups are watching us.



We can be as silly and childish as we like;

we can be as noisy as we like;

we can make as much mess as we like and -

there is no one thinking:

"Shame, they have lost the plot!"

Its great!


Ok Mel,

I know you will have ignored my instructions

and have read it all.

What ammunition I have given you!

PS: In case you wonder why you got a double whammy,

you can blame Blogger again.

It told me it couldn't upload the one clip

so I tried another.

It told me it couldn't do that one either.

In fact, it told me I had

a SERIOUS problem.

Lo and behold,

when I gave up

and posted anyway,

BOTH video clips were there!

Go figger.


There was no way I was gunna

delete either of them after all that.


you got two.




Ness said...

Seriously cute! (p.s. when can I drop *my* kids off for some 'steam offletting?') :)

allie said...

So good to hear from you Ness!
Hmm, didn't realise I was giving ammo to a wider field!

Kirsty said...

love it... xx

Lynette said...

Wow you are a super cool grandma!

Kirsty said...

You have been given an award on my blog! Stop by to pick it up some time!

allie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lynette and Kirsty - and am IMMEdiately on my way to your blog to see the award, Kirsty!

Thanks a mill

Simply-Mel said...

I do have cute kids.

And super cool parents. ;-)


Gill said...

I LOVE it Allie!! Those littlies are so blessed to have grandparents like you and your DH. Heading off to work with a smile on my face now...and a certain song on my brain LOL ;-)

Ordinarylife said...

Isn't that what Grandparents are for????

allie said...

Gill, I dunno who is more blessed to have who!
How else could we revert to having silly fun?
I don't know about you, but I need small kids around me to be able to do that.
And ja, that song sure gets into your head, doesn't it?

Pamiejane - but of course!
And isn't that what grandkids are for too?
So we can have fun?

Deon said...

Very cool........