Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Things About Me - Tag

Quite a while ago, Shayne tagged me - the idea of this tag is to list 10 things about yourself. Here are mine: 1. People say that inside every fat woman, there is a thin one trying to get out. I understand that premise Because I also have someone inside who is trying to get out: I wish she would actually make the leap! She is fit and disciplined; she is organised and finishes everything she starts. She is kind and patient, and knows what to say and do in every circumstance. I have a love/hate relationship with her. I wish she would either emerge or shut UP! 2. I can't remember the last time I used nail polish 3. I love getting to know new people: I believe every one has a significant and unique story - I want to hear as many of them as I can 4. I am not good at small talk. 5. TV and I have far too close a relationship; it feeds into my inclination to be lazy and to watch other people's stories - specially reality TV. I am not doing well at dealing with this time-eater. 6. I second guess myself A LOT: the left and right sides of my brain seem to be at each other's throats! My logical brain comes to a sensible conclusion and then the right side pops up with a "Yes but" scenario and I'm back to page one. The ability to see other points of view is not always what it is cracked up to be, trust me. 7. I paint: acrylics, oils, watercolours, pastels - you name it, I have tried it. And carry on trying it. I love it but am impatient: I want to paint stuff that I love - NOW! Ditto with writing. 8. I like animals, specially dogs: we always had plenty of animals in the house when the kids were growing up. But now our home is an animal-free zone. It is actually quite a relief: no poos to be picked up, no dog hair on carpets and furniture; no barking at passing traffic or howling at the full moon; no expensive kennels if we want go off on the spur of the moment. Yeah! 9. Every surface in my home is a "stuff" magnet. I do not have a clue how it happens. I tidy everything away (by which I mean I stack it somewhere else where it is not so visible) and when I turn around - the piles of "stuff" are back where they were. Nobody ever puts it there, it just arrives. I think it may be aliens. 10.I am still expecting adventures to come my way. Watch this space - I'll tell you about the next one when it heaves into view. Oh! and I LOVE denim jeans Whats not to love, hmm?


Shayne said...

Thanks for playing along Allie - I love reading these posts - makes me feel like I'm really getting toknow my fellow bloggers!

Love your Point No 1 - i can so relate to it (but in a different way!).

Susan said...

I love this post! It's so fun learning about other bloggers. And I totally understand that woman inside who screams to get out sometimes.