Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Award Adjustments and Family Stuff

Thanks to those who have said they like the design for the "Great Post" award. And (curtsies) for the kind words re the idea. There were some good suggestions from the commenters like: a) Anyone should use the same award if they don't want to design their own. b) When a winner displays their award on their sidebar, they note who gave it to them together with the title and date of the winning post c) The awarder also names on their blog, the person they have given the award to, so that others can go and read the super-uber-fantastic post too. I have one more request: I think it would look better if the pic were smaller: can anyone tell me how to achieve that? So we are A-For-Away on this - now let's see who will be the first to receive it! Then, I can't resist sharing this - (Well I have to be allowed some grandmotherly moments!) This collage is of SS and S-DIL and their small one Recognise the couch? Same deck venue as Mel on her day off a while ago (Fri Jan 30th to be precise) Flip! Blogger has come up with a new trick to induce hair-tearing-out feelings in me. Now I have somehow got stuck on the HTML format and I don't know how to get out of it Plus - it won't let me use the link function Aaargh! Any boffins out there who can help me????


Kevin Davis said...

Nice pic's...can't help on the html though.

Lynette said...

Ohh what lovely babes!

Kirsty said...