Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night Thoughts

Its 4.02 in the morning. And I have been reading and adding to comments for the last 32 minutes. Do you ever have times like this? You just are awake at some ungodly time of the morning for no reason? Your eyes refuse to close again And your mind is so busy That you give up the unequal struggle and rise to meet (more than halfway!) the new day Knowing that you are going to feel ready for bed again at 10 am? Its a strange feeling Padding quietly around the still house Haven't made coffee yet But I'm gunna Very soon. Its calm tonight The wind has vanished For now anyway We leave the deck door open at night so when I come downstairs, the still nightsounds fill the room Below me is the quiet view of the valley lights and the liquid dark of the sea shooshing. Lovely. Lump in the throat lovely. I'm sitting at my laptop Reading your comments, smiling at some Reading your posts, Thinking how odd, and how great, it is To feel growing friendship with people through this medium. Is it a sad commentary on my life, do you think, that often when something affects me, telling my blog friends is high on my agenda? Actually, scrap (nah, not that way!) that question I don't really care if it is. I like it. Now I'm gunna make that coffee.


Hayley said...

I was just wondering why you where up so early.

I dont think its sad at all...I was saying to Francois the other day how I actually cannot imagine my life with out all these people i have 'met' through blogging,....its like they have always been know what I mean?

Lynette said...

Wow Allie, you are a poet and you don't know it! I loved your description of your home...I could actually picture it.

So glad we met through blogging.

As for me...the only time I'm awake at those awful times is when my dear daughter is still out and I'm biting my nails in worry..(she never knows it).

Shayne said...

I'm often awake at 1 in the morning. But feel guilty heading to the pc to while away the time. I'm consumed by guilt these days at the amt of time i spend blogging.

I love how easy it is to interact and learn to know people through blogging. I like the fact that there are different opinions out there and especially for me, living on a farm, in the boonies, where my nearest neighbour is 10km away, it's nice to know that there are always people to talk (and listen) to at odd hours.

It's now 9am - i hope you're headed back to bed for a good nap!

Ness said...

I'm always up all hours. Nice to blogwalk whilst not being disturbed. Plus I get to 'IM' some of my US and AUs/NZ buddies.

Joanne said...

I have often wondered whether your blogging 'clock' was not set correctly! So you do really post at 'ungodly' hours! I cant relate Im afraid, I dont suffer with insomnia at all, but speak to my DH he is an expert. As for blogging buddies, I still cant believe how close I feel to everyone out there.

allie said...

Actually Jo, it must be my
blog-clock thats wrong because normally I can sleep any old time.
This was a very unusual thing for me.

Glad to hear that I have plenty of company with the "close to blog-buds' feeling.

Lynette, I feel for you, Its awful having to prop your eyes open waiting for a child to get in: the more tired you get, the more active your imagination can get, hmm?

I'm also glad we met blogging - and was very sorry not to see you when you were in Cape Town recently.

Shayne if you feel guilty about your blog-time, maybe 1am is the best time to get into it?
No one around then for you to feel you are neglecting!

Hayley - actually I have NO idea why i couldn't sleep: just happens now and then.
And yes - I DO know what you mean about blog-buds.

Lynette said...

There will be a "next time". We often come down to Cape Town.