Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love, the Baker

Alison is . . . Oh sorry, wrong place! Thought I was on Face Book Just kidding! Anyway, Allie is. . . soooo proud of my young DIL, who is an excellent cordon bleu chef (trained at Silwood Kitchens)- besides being a great wife to our JS. They spent some years in the USA where she ran a coffee shop till they returned to South Africa, where she expertly navigated a new coffee shop to a successful start. But her dream has always been to have her own line and develope new tastes and combinations Now she has taken the plunge. It is very exciting but we all know how much courage it takes to just jump in and go for your dream. Here is her card - love the idea, don't you? "LOVE, THE BAKER" Very clever and meaningful to boot. So J-DIL, "Here's to you! Great success in your new venture - you are an inspiration to us all."


Simply-Mel said...

Ooh, the business card makes me happy just looking at it! Cant wait to place an order...make great gift!

Joanne said...

WOW love the card and I am off to check out the website, all the best Lisa!

Joanne said...

Oh its not live yet.

Kirsty said...

wow - any free samples going??? I love the baker, any baker, mmmmm gimmee baker!!!

Deon said...

There will be samples on Saturday at the Fish Hoek Market (The Triangle Square Market)

The site is live now:

It is just a placeholder for now. We will add content soon.

Thanks ma :)

Ordinarylife said...

Good luck to her!!

The card is great - you will have to take photos of her creations.