Friday, March 20, 2009

Bullets and Mom-brain

Good grief Its 11.38am - and I'm still messing around on my computer!Its not like I don't have stuff to do either. So, bullets: (not that I'm a bullet-fan - gimme detail - but tough times call for tough measures) * Youngest granddaughter and her parents are sleeping over here tonight. Yay! * Have bought her a splendiferous doll: you fill it up with warm water and it warms the soft plastic so it feels like a real live baby. If granddaughter is unimpressed, I think I will keep it for myself. * I could also hire 'fake baby' out to women who are going through a broody stage until sanity kicks in again. * I have yet to shop for the weekend and specifically, for tonight. The fact that SS and our other children and all their spouses (spice??) are having another 'sibs-evening' and will all be eating out together, doesn't seem to impinge on my mom-brain. My kids in my zone = knee jerk reaction = must be lots of lekker food around for them. Its just the way things are in mom-brain * Tomorrow the whole lot of us have to depart our home at sparrow: them to a parallel family 'do' at the Boulders and DH and me to a meeting in Rondebosch So if there is even time for coffee before we all rush out, it will be miraculous It scares me to see that the drive to shop for goodies is that irrational but I will still do it. * Then there is cricket, important international cricket, cricket in which, for the present nano-second, we are in the pound seats, to be watched. As much of it as possible. *Final bullet - and headline for the near future: we are going with super-close buddies to Prince Albert for the Easter weekend. On rereading this, I see I have NO hope of being a real bullet writer My detail persona just takes over But I tried And its now 12.27 Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Mom. I love you. But ja, bullets just ain't you! ;-) Caio.

allie said...

That was SO nice to hear - the love bit I mean.
Sanks mon

jacki janse van rensburg said...

* :
* -
* )

allie said...

Jackie, you bullet-pro show-off!

Shayne said...

Been wondering where you were - you've been quiet.

Glad to see all is well.

I too cannot do bullet points - too much info to share!

Great profile pic - you look V V young and gorgeous!

Simply-Mel said...

1. bullets
2. rock
3. my
4. world.
5. I
6. clearly
7. didnt.
8. gettit
9. from
10. you!