Friday, March 6, 2009

Face Book - Edited!

Update: Well, I went there. My pic is up and the fact that I was born in January. And "Alison is....." has some inane comment written up. And that is all I could do. It refuses to recognize my email address to scan my emails for friends (I think its sulking cos my address is not an "in" one) I don't even know how to look for people I remember from school. Or any people. . . How sad is that? And its just too darn haht to think (its much hotter than yesterday: around 40 I think!) But before you helpful people rush to show me how, SD is coming around later to educate me (and she's a fundi) Just needed to vent after being shown up AGAIN as a cyber-ig. Have a cool(in both senses of the word) weekend! Edit: Boy-oh-boy, did I shoot myself in the foot in the pre-editted version! For those of you who read it, of course I'd want to hook up with you - when I figure out how :-) For those of you who missed my gaffe - not going to tell you what it was. Tooo embarrassing.


jacki janse van rensburg said...

*And anyway, the idea is to find LOST friends, not hook up in a different way with people I'm already hooked up with....*

darn. and i wanted to be your friend.

Shayne said...

Be my friend, be my friend!!!!

Shayne said...

PS - i don't think Facebook is working properly today - unless it's just my dialup connection.

So don't be too frustrated!

allie said...

Oh flip Jacki!
Be a honey and go read the editted version - and thanks for showing me what that remark sounded like.

And Shayne - of course!
When I can sort it out. .
Feels so weird to know that pre-schoolers know how to do this thing and I'm sukkeling

Lynette said...

I needed this post! good for a giggle...and a giggle is good for me.