Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Roll on Results!

DH sometimes looks at me with a bemused expression on his face. I see: "How does this woman of mine think?!" as though it were in neon flashing lights above his eyebrows. Of course, what I say is perfectly logical The trouble is he just doesn't follow my reasoning very well. You girls all know what I mean, I'm sure One of his points of bewilderment is that I could actually imagine that the ANC might take a knock. Like ever. He is convinced that the ANC faithfuls will never ever ever ever ever vote for anyone else. I understand where he is coming from but, for me, one of the wonderful mysteries of life is how unpredictable people are Just when you are sure of what they will do, they don't. I also heard today (on the ridiculous amount of TV coverage I watched) that something like 52% of the registered voters this time are under 40. The good news is that this generation thinks more for themselves; are better educated; are better informed (thanks to the internet) and are not so slavishly loyal to the ANC as their struggle parents have been.
If they come out and vote, its gunna be good!
So many of these younger folk interviewed talked about change. So - I am filled with anticipation There are so many variables - anything can happen. This is one exciting election, folks - whichever way the cooky crumbles.
Late this arvie we trotted out to do our voter thang.
Here's the proof: (for the mystified - we get the little purple stripe on our thumbs to prove we have voted.
The faces are my innovation: childish but fun)

My hopes are that the DA will take our area outright and will dramatically increase its numbers elsewhere. That COPE will do much better than anyone expected and give the ANC a real fright. And I hope that these increased numbers come from ANC supporters moving away in disillusionment with the ruling party. I expect the ANC to still show very strong but I want them to be afraid, very afraid, of what's happening around them. That may make them a little less dismissive and contemptuous of public opinion And that can only help the country. And of course, I will be able to crow: "I TOLD you so" to you-know-who And how cool that would be


Lynette said...

I am dreaming big for this election!

Kirsty said...

Hey - did you vote twice? ;-)
We only had 1 thumb marked! I was impressed with the voter turn out today, and despite standing in the queue for a couple of hours to make my "X" - I left feeling so proudly South African! Everyone in the queue was so chatty and friendly - a really good vibe! Thats what I love about SA - it's got a pulse! x

allie said...

Me too, Lynette - but I guess you picked that up (if not from my post, then from my sidebar!)
Can't WAIT for results!

Kirsty, I'm shocked that you can't tell my delicate little thumb from DH's heavy duty man-one.

Not sure I'll recover from that any time soon ;)


Hayley said...

I am so with you Allie, I have a gut feeling that this time the ANC will take a huge knock. My head tells me otherwise though....but I am with you and hoping....hey you just never know!!!!!

Kirsty said...

oops - it looks very obvious now that those thumbs belong to 2 different people... sorry!
But - hey: My 30 something eyes aint what they were when I was 20 something - and the picture is not dazzlingly clear...excuses,excuses!!

Shayne said...

Oh Allie - i'm hoping the same thing. But sadly for us in the EC, the ANC is super strong. Thanks to the farming heritage and a ton of black staff who know no better.

But we can still hope and pray.

I think the ANC needs a giant kick up their backsides - they are far to smug about the role they play in our Country.

allie said...

Kirsty, I know the pic is not super clear - thats done on purpose by me.

The first pic was dazzlingly clear but I said to DH: "I'm not using that - it makes my thumb skin look too wrinkly" (just how vain can a person GET!?)

There are times when non-dazzling is a plus!

So you're forgiven, ok?

Shayne, lets hang in there and know that everything changes eventually and miracles do happen

allie said...

Hayley, its so boring if one just goes by the head thing isn't it?
No room for tummy tingling anticipation and high hopes.

So let's go with what we have - it makes for a much more exuberant life.

And its not like we are gunna crash and burn emotionally if we don't get what we hope for this time, hey?

Michele said...

Hi Mel's Mum! ;-) I have been watching lots of coverage of your country's election on Al Jazeera tonight and was anxious to see what you had to say about it all. I am afraid I must admit to a lot of ignorance about SA's political situation but, from what I've been reading, it would be a very good thing for the ANC's opposition to do well in these elections. I am surprised that so many people continue to support Zuma, given his many, uh, problems (isn't he a polygamist rapist who may have accepted bribes and thinks unprotected sex protects him from AIDS?). Anyway, we're keeping tabs on your election up here in Norway! Can't wait to read about the results. Good luck!