Thursday, May 28, 2009

Commentaholic? Edited

Am dashing - Got Grandparents Day at GD2's school today
Honey 'n me looking at her perfect books.
Love them - and this child is SO clever and SO neat it is almost scary.
She's a phenom.
A cheeky little song, reminding older people that they once were in nappies, sucked dummies and all that humiliating baby stuff
You can see how much they enjoyed dishing this out to us :-)
Spent some time very early this am updating little sister blog so not much time left for AllieChichi. She'll just have to get over it Sibling rivalry is not encouraged in my blog-family. But just quickly, for an interesting take on the matter of comments and their hold on us, pop over here See what you think.


Lynette said...

Yes, that post made me think! But I just could not disable my comments...I love the interaction with my blog buddies!

Marco said...

Hi Allie!
You used to read my blog and now I have started a more mature one for my adulthood! Have a read if you like x M

Kate said...

Goodness, but this blogging thing is addictive! Day one, hour 4 and I am following 3 blogs already. LOL!
Its way worse than Facebook addiction wise, but what a wonderful way to keep up with everyone and share in thoughts and lives! SO fun!

allie said...

I agree Lynette
I couldn't do it either - it would be like cutting friends out of my life.
Maybe she will just do it for a season - like fasting.

Hey Marco -
good to hear from you.
I'll pop over to your new space for sure.

And Kate -
I'm super glad you are joining us
But ja - blogging should carry an addiction warning but its too late for any of us now!

Stand by to make some awesome friends
So glad you're lovin it

Kirsty said...

Hey! Oooh - I am so torn by that! Because I agree with what she says... you can become comment obsessed!(Me!) But then again - comments are the new hello! I LOVE getting comments, I would hate it if people stopped by my blog and couldn't leave a comment...if they wanted....mostly they don't....but they COULD!!! Know what I'm saying?? I'm rambling now...I'll stop! x

allie said...

Oh Kirsty -
you are so funny!
But ja, I TOTALLY agree with every bit of your ramblings

Simply-Mel said...

Yup, I been thinking about it a LOT lately. I think I will disable comments on certain posts. You can be selective.

allie said...

Do tell why you would want to disable comments on some posts Mel?
Maybe I'm being dim but I can't imagine a reason.

Frank J said...

hehehehehe - yes, everybody was a baby once,.

Loved the 'Edit' Allie - it brings the 'specialness' of the youngen's home.