Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is This IT?

Warning: Family Update Below. Today the weather reminded us why this was called the Cape of Storms. So DH and I gave in to temptation this morning and lazed around watching TV in bed for a disgusting amount of time. Only much later venturing out to check out a relocation possibility. You may remember we have been talking about selling here? Well, now we are thinking of maybe keeping this place and renting closer to Town. The area we looked at is really beautiful (even in such awful weather); has the advantage of being in a very secure village with beautiful, fairly large homes in good size gardens. So many boxes ticked ito our requirements. We may be able to have a closer look at the actual place for rent tomorrow. Pretty exciting!


Gill said...

The weather you are having down there sounds atrocious, wish I could send you some of our lovely sunny weather.... I hope the new place works out for you, sounds lovely. Moves are so exciting!

Kirsty said...

hmm - sounds good! Why are you moving again? I mean - it's cool to move, nut you're moving within the same city, so whats the reason?

Just 'cos I'm nosey! We are moving imminently too... and the thought fills me with dread, having just survived the trans-atlantic move 11 months ago!! Suckers for punishment we are!

Kirsty said...

aaargh! wheres spell check when you need it! that "nut" should be "but"..... or "butt" if you prefer...

allie said...

Its hard to believe that the weather could be nice ANYWHERE at the mo!
But - nice thought - thanks Gill :-)

Am going to contact the office tomorrow to find out the prices - I'm guessing they are going to be astronomical!

And Kirsty, I know moving is a HUGE job. We used to do it every 3 years or so when DH was in the Navy.
Loved it then - not that mad about it now but there are reasons.
A bit of a long story - if you REALLY wanna know, email me and I'll tell all, ok?

And I don't think anyone cares too much about spelling on comments - as long as we can make out what you mean ;-)

Joanne said...

Now Ali what are you going to do with a 'good' size garden?

allie said...

Jo, - cheeky, hmmm?! :-)

"Good sized" is relative, hey - your old house had a huge garden compared with the pocket handkerchief we have here.

And just for the record, when we were not perched on the rocky side of a montain, gardening was one of my chief hobbies and ways to relax.

Here I am restricted to pot plants pretty much - that does not do it for moi

Lynette said...

We had a great photo on the front page of the Herald today...shot in Cape Town...something that resembles the spring tide of September.