Monday, May 25, 2009

Those Moments

Have you ever had a row of 'coincidences' that just stun you when realise how everything unfolded? You know - like: "If that hadn't happened just like that, and just at that time, then. . . . I had one of those this weekend. I bought 4 books at a shopping mall recently and while I was reading one of them, I soon had the impression that I should give it to a friend who was celebrating her 40th birthday. So I did, but still wanted to read it myself, so decided to buy another copy on Saturday. So Saturday I'm in the shop, at the till, book in hand and digging around in my bag for my purse. An unusual thing: when DH and I are out, he always pays for everything: normally I wouldn't even be looking for the money. Horrified, I realised that my purse was not in my bag. Realising that the last time I used it was to find change for the parking attendant, I knew I had left it on my lap afterwards. And it must have fallen off when I got out Either into the car, or (oh dear God, please - NO!) on the ground beside the car in the parking lot. I dash out of the shop, through Woolies and outside, leaving DH to pay and wondering what the heck was going on with me. I rush to the car, going: 'Oh please God, let me find my purse' with my head full of dire thoughts about lost cards and horrors! having to replace my driver's licence. . . As I approach the car, I see a large family party close to it, and hear the young son shouting: "Hey! There's a purse over there!" I rush up, saying "Yes, thats my purse!" and as I turn in towards my car, there the purse lies - right next to the door of my car. By this time, the whole (quite big) family of the boy has turned around and is looking at me very suspiciously. I mean, their kid found it Finders keepers in this country, no? It looked as though it might get a tad awkard But luckily DH had followed me fast and I called to him to open the car so they could at least see it was our car. That seemed to satisfy them and they carried on walking away. I found myself breathless with relief and gratitude And recounting to myself all the: 'If we hadn't done that that way; if that hadn't happened right then ......' stories that one does at time like these. Am now half way through the book and its pretty intense stuff. Am waiting to hear from friend whether my impression that she should have the book was on the money. Will be surprised if not . . .
On a completely different note, I found this prayer request on the blog mentioned below.
You can visit there for details.
If you want to, please join your prayers to the many others for this beautiful little girl.
Maggie Cobb.


I'm so not a blogger said...

I so hear you on those co-incidences..

Though dont you find that life is like that, the whole way through? If you look back, say five years ago, to where you are now, there are so many 'If that didnt happen,at that time, ...'
Well, it is the case with me. I find it incredible how ones life is full of synchronicities. amazing stuff!

jacki janse van rensburg said...

when my DH#1 died, there was a 3 hour period before i heard about it. during this time, i spoke to mike over the phone, arranging a gerden refuse removal service, which was his business.

then, 24.5 hours after ronnie died, i met mike.

of course, for many months neither he or i took much notice of each other. but almost a year later, we started chatting...

Rambler said...

Oooooo, what book are you reading?

Lynette said... happy that the purse was not lost! God was looking out for you!

Simply-Mel said...

Oh crikey. the thought of losing my drivers licence is worse than someone stealing my car! Glad alls well.

Shayne said...

What's the book - come on, you've got to share!

And thank heavens you found your purse - the schlepp of having to reapply for all your cards etc - major headache material!

Shayne said...
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allie said...

ISNAB - yup, you are so right. LIf is like that. But every now and then, we get a kind of concentrated version like this, that hits you between the eyes.

Jacki - that is amazing. Something special to remember. . .

Lynette and Shayne - ja, I was super relieved about that!

Mel, you were with me thru the licence trauma so I know you will relate to my panic about that.

Rambler and Shayne - the book is called "The Lost Art of Intercession"
Not everyone's cup of tea but its so right for me at the mo.

Meriel said...

i could feel that hollow pit in the gut as i read it.

so pleased it turned out like it did.