Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Baby and Bully for Blogland

Welcome to little Kate, our newest grandchild
Certainly one of the prettiest babies around . . .
Even her big sister thinks so, it seems
Congrats to DS1 and DDIL1
You've done so well!
Its great to be a granny again and have a new tiny person to love together with the other 5.
On a completely different note:
(Actually a banknote - Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa!)
Here is an update for "Blog-Villagers for Liam"
(See previous post if this statement puzzles you)
We now have a bank account!
So if you are on tiptoes, waiting to be part of this amazing project, the good news is - we now have a place to put our money.
Details as follows: LJ Cadger
Standard Bank
Branch: Norwood
Account Number: 006 867 480
When making your deposit please use your name as the Reference so that we can link you up to the pledges received. Don't you think its fantastic to see what's happening in our Blogworld?
There's the "Lent for Liam" project -
And I also heard this:
One of us posted about how she was having a tough time and she said within minutes she had such encouragement and help from fellow bloggers that she felt she could cope again.
Bet there are others of us who could agree that we've had similar support from this crew . . .
Now thats pretty impressive for cyber-space, don't you think?
Cyber space can be less space . . .


Shayne said...

What a beautiful baby - congrats.

And yup, i often feel i get more support here that from my Real life friends - is that good or bad?

Lynette said...

Oh congrats on being granny again! I just know that this little one will be another unique blessing in your life.

The whole Liam project is amazing...I am so glad I met the best friends ever in cyberspace.

Kirsty said...

she's gorgeous! And I love the name Kate!
My mum was blessed with her 10th grandchild this year.. she also had 4 children like you! You better tell Mel et al to hurry up, you've got some catching up to do!!x

Meriel said...

A very beautiful child. I love those sleeping pictures. Little cerubs.

When I grow up I want to be you.


Hayley said...

Oh wow, Congratulations!!!!

allie said...

Ah my cyber-friends, thanks.
Its so nice to have such instant heartfelt fellow rejoicings.

And Shayne, I dunno if its good or bad but it just is true, for me too.
Maybe because we are so instantly accessible?
But I'm not going to analyse it; just enjoy it :-)

Meriel - mmm, something about sleeping pics, I agree.
Re other comment - what a surprising thing to say!
But nice to hear
You obviously like the way my life looks.
Me too :-)

Kirsty, I can't believe you mentioned Mel and the thought of more children in one sentence: don't you know she READS this?!

I still have one pair of kids who haven't started reproducing so I could give your Mom a run for her money yet.