Monday, July 6, 2009


We were thrilled to have DDIL1 and her two small ones here for the whole of Sunday afternoon.
A totally unexpected treat -
DS1 had to see to hordes of prospective buyers for their house so he couldn't make it but we sure enjoyed his family!

Small children adore DH - he has a gift with them.

I was a happy camper with the new baby sleeping blissfully from feed to feed in my arms. . .

DGD3 and I watching this silly jingle called 'Smile'.

It's catchy although eventually infuriating but she wanted to watch it repeatedly, demanding: "Again!" each time I dared to end it.

I was so amused at her and even more amused when I saw her serious expression in the photo.

I think creating grandparenthood is one of the ways God has tempered
the downside of ageing.


Lynette said...

Awww those baby pics just make me feel all warm and fuzzy:)

Meriel said...

so special. i can;t wait to be a granny.

That little face on Grandpa's chest is to die for - little soen-bekkie.

Makes me smile....

Kate said...

Too cute! Such beautiful children!