Monday, August 24, 2009


Huge fire in our hood! Half the mounain is in flames We have just been out to have a look and take some pics. Luckily there is almost no wind tonight but this is Fish Hoek and the wind can blow up here any moment, as many know.
The fire is very close to the houses on the mountainside. Its going to be a sleepless night for lots of folks, methinks Don't laugh - I have my journals, various other precious books and a few other things already packed in a case. In case. And my laptop will be by the door too. Of course One has to have one's priorities right After all, my friends live in my laptop: Can't leave them behind to burn up, can I?


Laura said...

That is very scary indeed!! Fire petrifies me - purely cos it can get out of control so quickly!

I would have also had bags packed!

Lynette said...

Hope they got it under control!

So glad we are all packed up and ready to go:)

I would probably pack my photo albums first, then camera and laptop.

Shayne said...

Hope you packed your lip-gloss???

Hope that by now (10am) all is under control and that the wind didn't suddenly pick up.

let us know?

Iknow just how terrifying it can be.

Gill said...

Hope all is okay Allie. How awful!!

allie said...

Yes,fire is hugely scary but we had an uninterrupted night thanks
I am still going to ride around and check the extent of the damage.

Shayne, check FB comments re the lipgloss story :-)