Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reason for Facebook

"Hulloo-ooo!" She carols, flexing unused typing fingers. Yay for topped-up cap-ness. Now, hmm What to write? I haven't a clue Perhaps this is why Facebook was invented: you can go there and post a nothing status remark And thats all anyone expects of you. Seriously, I have seen a status of, something like: "Ew" Just "Ew" Start a string of comments as long as my arm. What IS that?

Back later Going to look for inspiration

*No, not from FB*


Kirsty said...

heres a nothing status:

What is brown and sounds like a bell?

Go on - admit it! I made you LOL?

allie said...

Yyup - you did
I admit it

Oh Kirsty - you rock!