Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up the Family Tree

The other day I answered my phone and a male voice said: "I'm looking for an Alison"
"Well" said I, "you've found one."
Turned out to be a relative I last saw when I was 17
(You do the maths)
Anyway, he has developed the "Tracing the Family Tree" bug so he was after what ever I could tell him about our particular branch of the tree.
We met for lunch in Kalk Bay and had a hilarious time catching up on each other's family's goings on.
Since then, I have been piecing together info about my family to send to him -
Calling to mind little things about dimly remembered people -
Its been fascinating.
Here are some interesting bits I could remember about them:
* My Dad's parents were teetotallers and never allowed a drop of booze in their home yet both their sons turned out to be alcoholics and their only daughter married one.
* My Mom's father was chosen to be in the choir at Westminster Abbey but his parents could not afford the robes he needed, so he had to pass it up.
* My aunt finished university in her late teens and went on to become a trailblazer in her field
Stuff like that.
I can so see why so many people have become interested in discovering their roots
It is strangely satisfying.


Joanne said...

Love this. I wonder if your Dads folks were actually alcoholics?

That pic from your deck!! OMG you can never live without that now.

Lynette said...

Precious memories! You should journal it for your children and grandchildren or else it will be forgotten.