Monday, November 16, 2009

Starting Over

Just wondering if anyone else watches a TV program called "Starting Over" I am fascinated. It is basically about a bunch of people who have been through stuff; have issues; been behaving in damaging ways; blah blah who come together to spend time in the Starting Over house. There are two life coaches and a couple of psychiatrists there who help them to learn, relearn and unlearn how to do life. Very skilled people, I may say. It is truly amazing to watch the inmates - a) discover that it is possible for things to get better as they to accept responsibility for their own lives b) emerge changed and ready to see themselves, life and other people differently. The present crowd consists of: a girl who used to "do" bachelor parties and stripping; a woman who has no boundaries ito what she says to people; a woman who has had cancer, is ok now but feels the cancer is her fault; a very large in-your-face woman who has weight and relational issues; a woman in her forties who cannot break away from her mother; another whose mother was killed in 9/11 and she cannot get over her loss. . . . To watch the experts take these woman through their stuff is inspiring - sometimes difficult because they are extremely confrontational at times with these damaged people but it seems to work. . . Probably a case of "don't try this at home" though.


Simply-Mel said...

Sounds just up my alley! When and where is it on? Bring on my pvr....!

Shayne said...

I watched one once but the women on it were plain annoying so gave up.

Perhaps must try again.

allie said...

Channel 112 at 1.30pm, Mel.
Ja - try it again Shayne, I'll be interested to hear what you think.

The last one was of a few married couples - that was even better!

Joanne said...

1.30pm!!!!! on what day of the week? Allie i am shocked. I will PVR it - sounds good.

Lynette said...

Will check it out...but I have my share of people with problems on a daily basis:)

Kate said...

I need dstv!

BTW...GHD = "good hair day" hair straightner.

Best invention in the world! Promise you - get one and you will love it forever and me for introducing you, ha,ha. :-)

allie said...

@ Kate - ohhhhh!
I have one of those things, only I use mine to bend my hair in the right direction.
Verrrry handy device.