Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Benefits

They say public confession is good for the soul. Here's one: The last while DH has been away a lot. I wake up early, often before 5am. I have discovered that they are re-running "MacLeod's Daughters" at that time. I LOVE that show. Guess who has been watching TV in bed in the early hours?? All I need to do to be completely degenerate, is to consume doughnuts and coffee while I watch. Now - there's a thought. PS: There are five "I"'s in that short post. Anyone who reads my sidebar, must be mystified. . . Eh. The battle against Me-ville goes on. *grin*


Kate said...

Well, with no car who could blame you?


Ness at Drovers Run said...

Hello! Biggest fan of McLeods (yes they spell it wrong, and you spelled it right) Daughters - like EVER.

I will watch those reruns, regardless of how many times I've seen it before. LOVE LOVE LOVE that show.

When I was going self hosted, and needed to choose a domain name. I thought about it for at least a whole day. What would I call the place, that I would call 'home' on my web real estate. Of course, you know what I did call it as s result!

I also shortened my screen handle to Ness (because it rhymes with Tess!!!)

Plus let's face it Alex Ryan is definitely served up best whilst still in bed, with a hot coffee :)

Shiny said...

There is nothing nicer than a bit of early-morning TV-watching decadence. You must-must get doughnuts to go with it x

Shayne said...

Have never watched that show but hear you. I lvoe being on my own and having complete control over the remote.

Except I would still be asleep at 5am.

allie said...

I AM stoked that no one went "Ew" at me for my sloth.
Hmm, doughnuts? We'll see.

Ness - I think if had to choose one man from TV/movies to be my fav, Alex would be it.

I have to say, I HATED the way they ended that show. Just was NOT the same after you know what.

BY the way, I think Aussie men are so much better than Americans (just judging by TV, mate)

Lynette said...

I find myself awake earlier is light out at 5 in the morning here now. DH will get a fit if I switch on the TV at that time.

Doughnuts and coffee early in the morning....that sounds like pure bliss.