Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter in Summer

We are off on the Malta/Italy trip next Friday.
Unbelievable how the time has flown.
Packing is on my mind - it is strangely difficult to think "cold weather clothes"
when its so hot here
The up-side, however, is that I can pack early cos I won't be needing winter clothes here anymore this year (please, Lord!)
"Amen" say SA readers ;-)
So - boots; tights; camping sox (oh yes!); long coat; ski jacket wif hood; gloves - here we come.
And then to remember that inside there is aircon, so 'normal' clothing for there.
For a jeans and teeshirt gal, this is all very complicated.
But fun.
Can't wait.


Shayne said...

Layers girl layers!

That's the easiest way. Start with a skinny vest thing and just add more and more as you need so you can take off as you need.

Have a wonderful time!

Simply-Mel said...

Will get my previously yours jacket to you this week! So exciting.


Joanne said...

Are you sure it gets that cold in Malta?

I HAVE to see you before you go/i go

Lynette said...

Oh no we are going to be without you for a while?

You should have chosen your winter and their summer:)

Kirsty said...

Have fun!!! And...yeah.. doe Malta get that cold?
How long are you going for? All very exciting x

Hayley said...

Okay I am sick with jealousy...but in a good way :-)

How long are you away for, will you be spending Christmas there?