Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Children.

More on my previous post which was about this quote: "Other lives are parables, God is making us spell out our own souls." Maybe fancifully, I think of it like this: A parallel story will enable me to perceive something in myself of which I have been unaware. Let me give a couple of examples of what I mean: # Have you ever seen small children at Christmas with piles of beautiful presents all around them, crying because they want what their siblings have received? # Or ignoring what they have already been given, demanding more? #Have you ever offered a small child the choice between a handful of bright bronze coins and one R100 note? And watched him go for the worthless shiny choice? #Have you tried to give a child something he really wants but he will not put down what he is already holding? And watch him lose out because of that? Each of these is a parable if we will allow it to be. Another of the 'gentle teachings' was when one of my tiny grandchildren wanted to help decorate our Christmas tree. That year our tree was wide and high. She was given decorations and set about hanging them with gusto. I watched, amazed at her. Because never once did she worry about her limitations: there was such a small area she could reach: most of the tree was left bare. She didn't know how to arrange them or space them out to their best effect But that didn't bother her in the least. She did the best she could with what she had And loved every moment of it. How that spoke to me! PS: My new post is below this one, peeps. I had it on Draft from a couple of days ago and couldn't get the bloomin thing to come up at the top of my page. Have a great Sunday!


Lynette said...

You always amaze me when you take the everyday and apply it to life in general and our relationship with the Lord in particular.

Kirsty said...

This post made me cry! Because I decorated our christmas tree with my 3 littlies just a few weeks ago... and I think I moved and redecorated nearly every ornament that my children hung! It was either too low, or to crowded or next to another bauble that was the same colour... I look now and think none of it really mattered! I should have just left it be. :-(

allie said...

@ Lynette - :-)
@ Kirsty - Please don't feel that way.
I also moved them later.
I just didn't say so in my post cos I didn't want to blur the point I was making.
Which was her attitude in contrast to our angst and insecurities.