Thursday, January 14, 2010


"Other lives are parables, God is making us spell out our own souls." This quote from Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest" has had me thinking widely. God has used incidences in the lives and words of others in so many imaginative ways, to show me things in myself that I was blind to - like holding up a previously self-blinded mirror to me. I can often almost hear Him saying: "You see, Alison, (funny, He doesn't call me Allie!) this is how it feels to people; can you see now?" Observing how others deal with suffering; with loss; with rejection; with wealth - with life actually, with all its joys and sorrows, is often the springboard to these gentle lessons. For those like minded ones among you, does this quote also speak to you? And if so, what does it say?


Meriel said...

i didn't quite understand it so I googled it and found the whole piece called "Have you ever been alone with God". WOW !!!!

Kate said...

Hmm - also really has me thinking. Its quite a deep concept - not sure I understand the context, might have to google it as well :-)

Initially, the "above reproach" concept comes to mind. I thought of it because "spelling out" might refer to clarity, making something obvious or easily understoond, no margin for misinterpretation?

On a side note...I wonder why none of my new posts show on your side bar? Blogger strikes again!


Joanne said...

Loving you new look, the poppies!!!

Lynette said...

OC's book is awesome and cuts to the heart of the matter...He has been getting me alone quite a lot recently...and it has been a joy and heartache all at the same time.