Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Start Here

There is a TV ad that ends: "Start with what you hope for." That's a pretty interesting suggestion, don't you think? It has caused me to try to identify specifics. Can you?


Meriel said...

Oh Allie, you send me off to Google often. I had no clue which ad but I hear it is Sanlam that says "What do you hope for?
You can get there if you start today. Hope motivates. It keeps you going and helps to set goals. But hope means nothing without action. You have to start somewhere."

i hope.... i hope to one day swim and trampoline with my grandkids - so i must get fit and trim, be fun, giggle more often, make sure i have a playful garden, be nice to my kids and accepting of their girlfriends so they one day trust me with their kids

Kate said...

Ooh - I like that! You would never believe the faith leaps we are taking these days - this could be the slogan of my life! Exciting tho!


Simply-Mel said...

Oh geez. This calls me to look inward. Ho hum. Let me go make tea and delve into my brain and heart. I hope it doesnt hurt. ;-)

Lynette said...

Hope...where would we be without it...and Who would we hope on if not on Him?