Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember "Arrows and Messages"?

Those of you who have been around this space for a while, may remember a post called "Arrows and Messages" - (13th August 2009) It seemed to strike a chord with people. (Anyone who missed it, mosey over and have a look.) It is really, really life changing - (No, not the brilliance of my post, dearie Just the concept I was sharing.) I am bringing this up again because the heart of that post was taken from a dvd series called: "The Sacred Romance" by John Eldridge. And I have recently discovered that he; his wife Staci and his co-speaker in the series, Craig - are all bloggers. Yay! You will find John's blog in my sidebar - the others are listed in his. So, so, so, worth a read.


Meriel said...

Blown away by your header. Mirth. That is the word that came to mind. Oh and I love that chair.

allie said...

Yes Meriel, it was such an epic time with SD.
We share a birthday and this pic was one of a series taken this year when we got together on "the day"
She is such a fun person!