Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Matter

"If year after year our lives are consumed with activities we've been neither gifted nor impassioned to do, and we never have the chance to slide into the sweet spot of giving out of our true self, we pay a higher price in ministry than God is asking us to pay. And the saddest thing is, when we allow this to happen, nobody wins. Don't allow who you truly are to be lost, buried, or devalued. What is in you matters. What is most truly you matters. You have learned lessons, experienced pain, known joys, and gained a perspective nobody else has. You have an answer to the world's needs that is yours alone. What you have to offer matters." Lynne Hybels


Lynette said...

Profoundly true.

Shayne said...


So so true.

Am going to print this out.

thank you xx

cat said...

Wow, what a great great quote. Over here from Lynette's to say "Hi"

allie said...

@ Lynette and Shayne - yes, so true but how easy it is to be drawn into the non-sweet spot stuff because of other pressures.
We need reminding - or I do anyhow.

@ cat - Welcome to you. Always great to "meet" new people. I will pop over to your spot.