Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simon Cowell

Is it really true that Simon Cowell is finishing up as a judge on American Idols?
Will anyone bother to watch ít if he's not there?
In my opinion, he is the only one worth listening to.
Randy: "Yo bru! You're the bomb." Or "I dunno man. It just didn't do it for me."
To Ellen I say: 'Stick to talk show hosting. And yay for your love of dancing. That doesn't make you a music fundi.'
I know that might cause some backlash cos she has a keen following.
But this is my blog
And these are my opinions, kay?
Simon isn't trying to make people love him: he tells it like it is.
He knows music; he knows what it takes to make it in the music world.
He has proved himself there.
I think there is a measure of jealousy among the American panel towards this Brit.
Dont you?
Ok, sometimes, he is less than kind, I'll admit.
Sometimes downright brutal
But omigosh - how bland will it be without him!
I think AI will see its agterwereld* if he leaves.
Let them not say they weren't warned.
Its their own fault if they don't read my blog, hey?
* Afrikaans for 'butt' or a**


Olivia said...

"i hear you dooggg"!! Indeed Allie, Simon Cowell made the show! He even became a trademark with always a British Judge on most shows, who are expected to be stern and unforgiving! We will miss him, dearly! I hope they won't try to bring a replica of my opinion they need something fresh, different, but still very knowledgeable about the music industry and what it takes to succeed in it! Yeah, I like Ellen, but in her show...maybe next year she will be better (apparently she signed for 2 yrs)
And I agree, they SHOULD read your blog!!!

Take care....

Simply-Mel said...

Yes, Yes and yes.

Lynette said...

I second that~! eh...third?

Terry said...

I have to agree with you, if Simon leaves, so goes the show. Oh! Thanks for the asterisk, that cleared it up for me. :)