Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting On Board

It seems like yesterday that DH and I were muttering darkly about the bl**dy racket that vuvuzelas make - And I have no doubt that we will mutter again. But yesterday, when the whole of the euphoric Rainbow Nation turned out into the streets in support of Bafana Bafana; sporting their colours, yelling, singing, waving banners, dancing - the sound of the vuvuzelas was just *right*.
(I can't believe I'm saying this!)
It was one of those SA moments. Almost indescribable; palpable; rivetting. We have had a few of them in the last 16 years; times when all the colours of this Rainbow seemed to find each other for a brief spell: # The freeing of Nelson Mandela # Peace Day # the first democratic Election Day # 1995 Rugby World Cup victory against New Zealand # the recent Bulls Super 14 rugby final played at Orlando Stadium in Soweto # and now, yesterday. And, who knows, maybe there will be more during this Soccer World Cup season, where we are focussed, not only on our team doing well, but also on being great hosts to the nations who have come all this way. I find myself getting a little 'tetchy' with the diehard pessimists: those who keep bemoaning the poor showing of the team; predicting the likelihood of the wheels coming off during the competition; almost expecting us to fail; turning their noses up at the flags, banners and general excitement as though it were all somehow beneath their dignity. They should realise that those enjoying things are not stupid. We all realise the possibility of things going wrong, but for goodness sake, can't we get on board; expect the best just for a while?
Sometimes its something as trivial as sport that triggers great change: for one thing, I believe it came as a huge surprise to the players themselves and to their black supporters, to see yesterday how much their white compatriots were behind them.
In the same way as white rugby supporters were thrilled and amazed to see the black support for the Super 14 rugby finals. To see businessmen dancing in the streets, waving flags, dancing and singing is not the norm, trust me. That has to mean something to a nation often splintered by self-seeking politicians. I hear vuvus blowing in the streets already and its not even 9am! AYOBA!
PS: Pop over to Kirsty's blog and see her fantastic on-the-spot pic.


Lynette said...

Love this post...wonderful how sports unite us all!

In our troubled country, it is wonderful that for once we can all pull together.

Stefanie said...

Nah, still not sold on the vuvuzellas. Will support the soccer though and am looking forward to the following month.

Kirsty said...

lovely post Allie... you should have seen Sandton yesterday... streets packed with 250 000 supporters as the Bafana bus navigated its way thru!
I say lets rub the pessimists nose in the spirit at the moment. For ONCE lets focus on the positives around us x