Monday, June 21, 2010

Romance Part One.

Well, you asked for it. The story of the beginnings of our romance . . Here it comes: When I met DH, he was a young Naval officer, tall and slim, with a short auburn beard and a pantherish walk. Always impeccably dressed and softly spoken, but with that slight hint of danger that I've always found appealing. I was a 30 something divorcee with 3 very young children, a giant sized insecurity problem, and a serious chip on my shoulder. We were both in relationships with other people: me with a guy 10 years older who was introducing me to classical music and good wines and he with a girl that I have never, even to this day, seen. Not even in a photo. She features later in the story, by the way. Anyway, DH used to come to my department to play darts at lunchtime with a bunch of my workmates. I watched them sometimes: they had fun; lots of friendly bantering going on. I always thought he had something. Found his quiet ways and humour attractive, in a detached sort of way. And so things went on for quite a long time. And then "The day of the soccer match". DH had always been a fine rugby player but injury prone: eventually the Navy told him if he got injured playing rugby again, they would charge him for damaging government property! He reckoned soccer was safe enough though, so when he was asked to participate in a departmental friendly, he jumped at it. We all, as the rest of the staff, went along to support them, glad for any excuse to get out of the office. DH invited couple of friends and myself a lift to the field in his car. For the first time then, he and I chatted a bit on the way. At the field, a friend handed his video cam to me with instructions to film some of the game. I think he was looking forward to seeing some of his shining sporting moments captured for his family and buddies to admire. If so, he would have been sadly disappointed because here is where it gets odd (and a bit embarrassing): when the video was played back much later, DH featured far more than the owner of the cam - or anyone else for that matter! (Isn't there a movie like that? Hmm 'Love Actually' I think? Remember where the guy is in love with his best friends girl? And he video's the wedding and all you see is her?) Bear in mind that we were both still going out with our 'others' and I had no inkling up to that time that I had any feelings for this man. The very thought would have seemed outrageous to me; for reasons some of you may know: to others, it will become clear later. And thats enough for today - I have work to do. Its Monday, after all. PS: What about a tag "Our Romance" - I love hearing about how people connected, don't you?


Joanne said...

Love this! cant wait for the next instalment

Shayne said...

Love a lovely love story.

More please!

And yes, a tag would be lovely - perhaps get all these darn bloggers out of hibernation!

Gill said...

Don't keep us waiting too long! I love a good romance :-)

Angela said...

Me too.

Kirsty said...

hey! I left a comment yesterday, where is it? Darn blogger.
I loves a moersa love-story... so don't keep us waiting, kay?

Will participate in a tag thang... my story may surprise you! x

Lynette said...

I love a good love story...and yes you should make this a could become very interesting.

Simply-Mel said...

I am clearly getting old or Blogger is trying to make me MENTALLLLLLL!

I have now commented TWICE no less on the previous of them belongs here.

*sigh* you can figure it out cos my brain is fried. suffice to say HURRY UP AND TELL US THE REST. ;-)

Susan said...

I'm so glad I'm starting to read this when I CAN continue to the next episode. A fun story for sure, Allie!

:-) Susan