Saturday, July 24, 2010


Am blue. Have flu. Will be back with you Soon.


Trix's Mix said...

Keep warm, drink lots of fluids and get some rest. I am sending a potent chicken noodle soup recipe to your inbox. Get someone close-by to make it for you as it has the same affect than over the counter medicines for colds!

Lynette said...

Get well soon Allie!


allie said...

You are both so sweet! Thanks.
Got your recipe Theresa - and will make the potent broth :-)

Simply-Mel said...

Ma - send me the recipe and I will make it for you. Serrriiiiaaaasss. But it you want it to taste good maybe we should consider Lis as the other option? ;-)

Shayne said...

Feel unblue soon!

Hope you found someone to make you the broth.

And rest rest rest. xx