Monday, July 12, 2010

The End. Fullstop.

Already I have withdrawal symptoms - together with most South Africans, I bet. The World Cup is over. I feel bereft - as if some loved person has left forever. It has been a phenomenon; an epic. For us. And for the many visitors, maybe something like discovering a new continent. The Africa they found here was nothing like the Africa they have heard so many bad things about. Quite the reverse. Anyway, my friend Kirsty has written such a fantastic post about this very thing, I am going to shut up and let her do the talking. Please visit: and you'll see what I mean. In case you're wondering, I will complete "The Romance" - Really I will. :-)


Ness at Drovers Run said...

I just wish it had ended on a better note!

I was so gutted that the Dutch lost that I went to bed in a huff - and refused to watch the award ceremony! ha ha. I can't believe that I feel this way about soccer.

allie said...

Wow Ness!
I thought I was bad. :-)
I also wanted them to win - that last match was very stressful.
The Dutch seemed to lose their heads a bit - all those yellow cards; all those thrown away opportunities to score.
Such a pity.
Now we are all in recovery: fiding out what life is like post WC.

And I suspect, finding out we have all become soccer enthusiasts!

Hayley said...

I know, its so sad :-(
Just still in awe as to what this has done in our country...lets hope it continues :-)

Trix's Mix said...

I loved this winter...never felt the cold as much but maybe it is because it's been warm in my heart! The world cup vibe was amazing and I will miss all the socialising, great eats and fun! I am so proudly South African right now! We enjoyed meeting you guys at the Waterfront and thanks for keeping two seats for Andy and I in the restaurant!