Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with exercising.
Its awful having to get into skimpy, bulge revealing clothes on a winter morning
Its horrible getting home, nearly paralysed from exertion, and having to start your housework.
I loathe getting sweaty and exhausted.
I hate the time it takes to get even marginally fit.
You know, when you've allowed yourself to get to the point where you gasp for breath after 5 mins on the lowest gear on the bike?
And when 10 repeats with the smallest of weights is too much?
But I LOVE being fit and strong.
I remember the feeling well
I want it back
But tackling my advanced unfitness looms like a dark high mountain before me.
So I keep putting it off.
And thats dumb.
I'm trying to psyche myself up to start pilates
"Just pick up the phone, allie - just do it," I tell myself.
Lets see if I will listen to me this week.
No smug comments allowed.
Motivating, encouraging stuff - thats what i need, ok?


Trix's Mix said...

Just do it Allie...don't just look at the stairs, climb them!

Simply-Mel said...

I am your daughter. In many ways inclduing this yourself a favour and GET A TRAINER. For at least the first month. Doooo eeeeet!

I could probably even pull strings to get someone to come to your house!

allie said...

Ok guys
No promises - I have let myself down too often to do that but .
Watch this space

I'm so not a blogger said...

Pick up the phone!
The hardest part is the procrastination, once you manage to get past that, the actual exercising is much less difficult:-)

allie said...

But the hardest part about being a procrastinator is that you procrastinate :-)

However, I hope that, having put it out here, I will be too embarrassed NOT to get going now . .

I'm so not a blogger said...

heehee, that is so true! from one procrastinator to another...