Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grrrr Factor

What is Blogger up to now?!
I can't even upload a pic from google!

Before any of you say it, let me say it first: I loathe the new colour scheme of my blog.
It was supposed to be experimental and now it has decided to stay.
I have time either to post a few lines, OR fiddle with the design.
Its days are numbered.

I also hate the "upgrade".
The previous one was much easier to work with I.

Which brings me, quite neatly, to what has been quietly bubbling on the back plate of my mind recently.
Irritation and Anger.
The amount and depth of anger that is boiling just below the surface in the emotions of ordinary people like ourselves would probably horrify us.
The evidence is everywhere.

And irritation is the baby bro of anger.
Little irritation is eager to grow up. And can mature in seconds, as most of us know.

Don't you find that lots of things irritate you?
I was shocked at how many things immediately sprang to my mind:

# Blogger's changes, usually not helpful to me.
# Waiting in queues
# Not being able to get through on the phone
# Being put on hold
# Those recorded instructions on the phone: "If you want to pay an account, press 1; if you want to . . ."
# Shop assistants that chat instead of serving
# Shop assistants who don't know their product
# Just missing a phone call
# Super slow drivers in front of me
# Hawkers at every robot
# 400 odd T'V channels and nothing to watch

And on and on.
I could fill pages Im sure - how about you?

I see I'm running out of time and am going to have to come back to this later -
How irritating!


Ness said...

I second your opinion on shop assistants, because day-yam they really stink lately! Just this week I wanted to buy a fancy shmancy vacuum from boardmans, and the model they had on display, was the 'last one' but it was 'missing parts' so they couldn't sell it to me, and when I enquired as to "Why is it still on the floor then?" the chick just looked at me as if to say, "...and who the hell are you to ask ME that?" I went back nearly 3 days later, (by this stage desperate for a decent vacuum after two other Boardmans stores also came up empty (shocking). The SECOND model I was interested in, was ALSO 'partless' and the 'last one' and YES the first one was STILL ON THE FLOOR. Wound up, would not have been an accurate enough description for me! Of course, the chick, the second time I was in the store, at this point, made eye contact with me and then pointedly ignored me...

Oh - and hey - I like your new colour scheme, don't be in such a rush to change it, looks great.

Stefanie said...

I thought it was just me...thought I was getting older...or pms-ing for longer and longer each month.
Maybe there just are more irritating people out there?

Terry said...

Yep! It's affirmed, you're normal. ♥

Lynette said...

Yup...we all get frustrated and irritated. Sometimes by things that is so insignificant that afterward you stand amazed at the reaction to such nonsense. We are all normal.