Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bullets with Accessories

Good things happened yesterday:

1. It was Mel's (my younger daughter) birthday and so she, her sister and I had lunch together. The two of them are really funny and many of our photos are write-offs just because open mouthed yelling with laughter isn't pretty - and a lot of that was going on.
I'm posting mine anyway - ( there were more pics but blogger lost them when I tried to reposition them. And I SO was not going to wait for them all to reload)

Desperate attempts to control hysteria!

Mel and I are getting a spray tan today.
DD1 spent a month in Turkey and Greece recently and still has a wonderful tan. *Jealous face*
I want one. Actually I need one.
I have developed British legs - the kind of bluish white I used to laugh at when I was an obnoxious teen.

2. Shopping. Together. Nothing like it!
We all hit the mall after lunch.
I was looking for (a) pink pumps or (b) funky neutralish sandals with a small heel.
So, of course, I came home with these:

I love 'em, so thats that.

I also got some gym gear (yay, serious shows intent) and some sleeping gear (too cute to call pj's) and some cream denim jeans.

And no, no pics - its 2.17am and I'm not changing into them now!

3. I'm getting sleepy. Plus, my feet are cold - so just for oulaas (the last last), this was the spectacular sight that greeted me when I walked into the late-night lounge:

Perfect ending to a great day!


Like good wines!
Oh HERE'S one of the missing pics!
Go figger. Well, its in a funny place but I'm glad it still around. And I'm certainly not going to chance tryhing to move it again!
My two gorgeous girls.


Meriel said...

cute title... i was still waiting for where the gun-shooting part of the story lol.

you make a very handsome family. and for the first time ever i wonder what life would be like with daughters.

allie said...

@ Meriel - words fail me re the daughter thing. Its that good.
But I have two sons as well and words fail me there too :-)

I say that adult kids are our reward for the earlier struggles of parenting
Grandchildren are the bonus!

Lynette said... really have beautiful must be in the genes;-D

I am also blueish white, so let me know about the spray tan okay?

You must have one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

You make the argument for 'having' daughters a little harder to ignore than I have currently been doing. One forgets kids grow up - and can become friends. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be a stellar mother in law.

Trix's Mix said...

How blessed we are to have daughters but must admit I adore my son too! What a fun day you all had :)

Simply-Mel said...

twas a day to remember for sure! thanks ma! :-)

clare said...

I love those sandals. I would love to see some pics of you and your tan x

Kirsty said...

lovely post allie x-x
And - yes : I feel blessed to have a daughter!! I love my 2 boys to death... but in an ideal world, I'd like to be exactly like you, and have another baby girl to round off my pack! x
Husbank not keen though ... and I think I'm passed it!! Still - I am blessed with my 3 x-x