Saturday, November 20, 2010

How Does This Work?

Some people believe that if they ask the universe for things, it will provide them.
Most of them are also believers in the Big Bang theory, rather than in a created order.
There seem to plenty of people like this - a lot of them Oprah fans.
Highly intelligent, thinking people.

I struggle to see how those two beliefs hang together.
The Big Bang theory is all about randomness; and gases and minerals and stuff flying outwards with no cause, and no purpose. Just an accident of nature.

How then, can this same random, meaningless universe be the hearer, let alone the provider, of requests from tiny humanity?
It implies the presence of personality; pity and kindness and grace.
How can inanimate objects, rotating in space, be thought to be able to do that?

Let's just suppose, for the sake of the discussion, that the ability were there - what (one cannot say "what on earth" nor can one say "what in the world" - but what?) would make anyone suppose that pity, kindness and generosity would be found in gases, rock and space?

There seems to me to be a irreconcilable problem here

About the jazz evening -
It was unforgettably wonderful: something so different and so special we all went away a bit dazed.
Wonderful dvd's of outstanding artists - many of them collecter's items - on heard state of the art equipment: great food, great company, great wines -

All of us left thinking of others we know who "simply have to" experience what we did.


Terry said...

That's the problem with people today. They want answers but no accountability to anyone. Just so long as it tickles their ears and senses, they will believe it. Also, as long as we don't mention God the Creator, their happy. Glad you're back!!

LipGloss Ninja said...

This is so true, i never really put it together like that.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Are order and chaos not the same thing? Do they have to be diametrically opposed?

From a scientific point of view I have to say that I do believe in the part of the big bang theory that says that the universe was created as the result of an "explosion" if you'll forgive the clumsy word for something infinitely more intricate than just that - but I'm not sure that the BB theory insists on it all having been an accident.

Could there not have been some grand plan behind the design which to our own limited eyes seems like chaos?

Or does religion take issue with that?

As for the universe providing - it's not as simple as that. At least for me - it's about forces at work, the same as the way *gravity* for example works. It's just that some of the forces are beyond our five limited senses.

It's not about 'asking the universe' in the way that you would 'ask a father' for something - but a completely different mindset. It's about knowing that everything you want to experience in life is there already available - and you only need to tap into it and bring it into your reality. It's not a give and take process, but a remembering of that which we all are.

It's an understanding that we are so much more than just flesh and blood. We are also energy - the same as every other thing and non-thing around us.

Gosh - I think I'm about to start singing Moby's "We are all made of stars" - haha.

Hey Allie - thanks for the chance to state my own views. But don't worry, I'm not about to stop shaving my armpits, don a nondescript tunic and go and start a cult. I promise ;)

Lynette said...

I find a lot of comfort in the knowledge that I am not something that started randomly or by accident in an explosion. I have been planned before the creation of the earth by a Heavenly Father who loves me and a Father that has a hope and a future for me.

cat said...

Oh I fully agree with you!

I find that people these days choose what they would like to believe in without committing to being a Christian or whatever else. They choose to believe the parts that they like and need, and not the whole package.

Thrione said...

"There seems to me to be a irreconcilable problem here"

This is what exactly most people think, "Irreconcilable issue," which I refuse to believe.

"Science and Faith can come together as One."

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