Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Math or Art?

"Math equates.      Art creates.

Math brings order out of chaos.      Art makes beauty out of the order.

Facts are Math.    Faith is Art.

Justice is Math.    Mercy is Art.

Law is Math.       Grace is Art.

Exchanges are Math.     Gifts are Art.

Hierarchy is Math.       Servanthood is Art.

Pride is Math.        Sacrifice is Art.

Evangelism is Math.        Friendship is Art.

Cell groups are Math.      Relationships are Art.

Accountability partners are Math.        True friends are Art.

Churchgoing is Math.         Fellowship is Art.

Prayer lists are Math.          Communion is Art.

Devotions are Math.         Devotion is Art.

Tithing is Math.          Generosity is Art.

Fear is Math.        Love is Art."

This is taken from a book entitled:
"Art of Being You: How to Live as God's Masterpiece" - authors: Bob and Joel Kilpatrick.
Publisher: Zondervan.

The interesting premise is that because we all have problems that need solving we tend to a view of God as a "fixer" or "problem solver"'
Thus a mathematician mindset about Him.
The authors propose instead, that we are a continuing work of art, and God as the Creative Artist.
They are not saying that the things in the math column are wrong, just a differnt 'feel' -

Whether one agrees with them or not, is not really the issue: the imagery is wonderful
 If you are intrigued, I can hook you up with a week's excerpts.
I think this is going on my own Christmas wish-list . . .

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Trix's Mix said...

This is amazing! Lots of food for thought here!

Anonymous said...

"Before man can understand the works of God, he must understand himself." Unknown.

Check this out:

Kirsty said...

LOVE this x. Thx for sharing x

Anonymous said...
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