Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Burblings

Its THAT day again
Flip, how fast does it come around!

I am a low-key birthday girl - always have been.
It started because:

a) My family was not flush when I was growing up; my parents had to sweat bullets to make ends meet; parties were a rarity.
I had one when I was about 5 and the next when I was 13.
I remember both with embarrassment.
Long story.

b) The very date feeds into it: the end of January is frenzy time in most people's lives.
Kids back to school with all that involves; all the daily round duties and routines start crowding the minds - not to mention the financial stresses.
You know - the dawning realisation that the extra money spent so gaily at Christmas?  -  oh flip!  now its payback time!

c) I still feel kind of embarrassed about being the centre of attention.
Weird though that may sound, its true.
So over the years the low-keyness of birthdaying has just persisted.

DD1 has the good fortune/misfortune to have been born on the same day as moi - the best birthday gift I ever got!
She  seems to have the same relaxed attitude.

Today both my girls swung by and we did what we do to celebrate: enjoyed being together; ate unhealthy but delicious food (thanks to WW)!
(My girls, like moi, tend to lean heavily on the expertise of other bakers. Not being domestic goddess types. We can do the stuff but given the choice: um, no thanks)

DD2 took both of us by surprise - she actually had our gifts on the day!
Pretty much unhread of for any of us.
We were very impressed
She came up with a fabulous necklace for me - which you can spot in the pics

Now, where was I?
Oh ja, we ate Woolies stuff, drank coffee, giggled and chirped and of course, took lots of candid camera pics of ourselves.
Leading to more giggling and commands like: "You are NOT going to put that pic on FB, I look fat/lined/pale/ugly/old - yada yada

Since this is not FB - it is MY space, I reserve the right to publish any pic I want to -
So - pic time:              

With DD1
Why does posing for pics always make us giggle?
Note the necklace - gorgeous hey? Inspired prezzie from DD2

My two beautiful best friends

Love 'em to bits!
The Man and I will be at one of Cape Town's great eatery's this evening, you can bet on it.
Eating out - one of my fav things to do!

Oh - the other side of the coin?
The car is still broke
The fridge has had a death sentence pronounced over it by the repairman. Aaargh!

The flippin thing looks brand new!
The dishwasher is still on the blink
And the disposal unit is so temperamental that I'm not using it.
A friend says she is convinced that appliances have nights where they put their heads together
and decide to all 'switch off' together.
At the moment, I'm almost ready to buy that.

I wonder if they toyi-toyi too . . .


Hayley said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday!

Lynette said...

I just know that you had a stunning day. Happy happy birthday dear Allie.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! I feel much the same way about birthdays, but it really is nice to have others remember :-)

allie. said...

Thanks Hayley, Lynette and Linda - yes it was, and I did. :-)

Linda, it sure is lovely to be remembered on the day - I was blown away yesterday by the response of people on Facebook.
So heartwarming!

cat said...

Happy Bday! Sounds like it was perfect. And that necklace from Mel is gorgeous.

I am convinced appliances sometimes need a holiday. My dishwasher had one and just promptly one day started working again.

clare said...

Happy Birthday Allie!

That fridge does look brand new but suppose it has to work pretty hard to keep things cool in that hot spot of yours.

Quick question - what is that s/s bar near the ground in the dining room for? hehe did I mention attention to detail is my thing? xx

Meriel said...

best kind of birthday is one with your own people. lekker !

I'm so not a blogger said...

i missed your birthday:-(

so happy happy for yesterday. I am so glad you had a wonderful day:-)
Heres to a year rich in blessings (and working appliances, your car back and peace for the decisions of the family)

Kirsty said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Allie :)

blackhuff said...

Sure sounds like the perfect birthday - happy birthday to you although late :(