Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Words

It's "new word" time isn't it?
I was asking for a specific one for this next season of my life and fell to musing on the last two.

Two years ago the word was "Invitation" - which, I must say, surprised me.
It wasn't like anyone else's, and seemed, well, odd.
But oh boy! did it start me thinking differently -
It uncovered many perceptions that I was unaware of.

For example - I found there were far too many "ought to's" and "should have's" lurking in my head.
That had led to either anxiety or a striving that was exhausting

Its the easiest thing in the world to get into if you are a Christ-follower.
It's not what He wants - in fact, He tells us that if our good actions are not motivated by love, we shouldn't even bother to do them. (1 Cor 13)
But it is the way the world operates - and it is very easy to forget that Christ does not.

This pic of Bruce Marchiano playing the role of Jesus
captures the sense of √ćnvitation' perfectly
He invites us to follow Him; to be changed by Him,
And to join Him in His quest to rescue.
Its a smiling, motivating, challenging, encouraging thing -
He knew us and loved us before we ever gave Him a thought.
He can do the job without us
But nevertheless, the invitation is there to join Him, to help Him.

That changes everything to the weary soul who has caved in to the "ought to" syndrome. . .
So I was very very grateful for that word :-)

Then last year it was "Venture"
I loved that.
It sounds all daring and brave.
A beckening into adventure . . .
And I have ventured this last year -
My journal is going to be examined to refresh my memory re specifics.

I get the distinct feeling that I am not to discard the previous year's words, but rather to keep them operational, just adding the new ones to them.
Like keeping doors open in the heart . . .

Anyone else (besides Lynette - I know you have yours already) either have a new word, or waiting for one?


Lynette said...

I loved Bruce Marciano in the role of Jesus in Regardt vd Berg's movie. I really believe that Jesus was exactly as warm and as loving. You truly lived your word in these past two years, my friend.


I'm so not a blogger said...

Mine is Faith, combined with last years word- laughter.

cat said...

I do not have a word, but a phrase that I kept repeating in my head today, for instance. See here:http://juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com/2011/01/back-to-work-2011.html

allie. said...

@ Lynette - wasn't that movie a watershed moment!?
The vibrancy and humanity of Christ as visioned by Regardt was such an eye opener for those people who always thought of Him as pale and detached?

@ISNB - Thats a great combination of words! Its going to be interesting to look back at the end of the year and see the significance of them.

@ Cat - I checked your phrase out. Love the idea of living light and dependence on God.
Perhaps that is the ONLY way one can live light?

Linda said...

I like your words. I have a really tendency to those "ought to's" too.
My word for this year is "Quiet." To rest in it and to learn to be a better listener (less talking!).

me said...

Loved that movie... and love the idea of a word for the year. I need to find mine! x