Monday, January 24, 2011

Homesick Child

These ponderings from yesteryear turned up unexpectedly this morning.
I still like them.
Maybe you will too.

"Do we all sense, at some level, that we are displaced people? Have a sense of "not fitting"; of being out of kilter with the world we live in?
Does that explain, in part at least, why we are always pushing boundaries, seeking knowledge, trying to invent, to create, to understand?
Thinking if we can just get a handle on things, the world might feel like a 'fit' for us?
Are we at core, trying to find the answer to a question so deep and vast we can't put it into words?
Do we all have an ache like a homesick child, often unobserved because life is so frenetic?

Or do we make life frenetic to try to bury the ache?Do we instinctively feel that somewhere there is a place where we 'fit', where we can be who we were always meant to be?
Where what is in us; all that we have sensed  is stored inside, somehow locked in, will have the freedom to come out and play?

What do people want?
Really want?
Is it not some (or all) of the following:

To be accepted
To be seen - really
To be valued
To be loved
To be known
To be included
To be heard
To be free
To be creative
To be who they really are
To belong
To be chosen
To matter

Is it possible to find these in human relationships alone?
Or are we maybe wired like this because it leads us eventually to God, our Source, who is the only One who can fulfill all these needs always if we let Him?"

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Trix's Mix said...

You are such a deep thinker Allie! I have gone through all you mentioned in this post at some time or another. So grateful that God supplied answers to every one of those needs else I would not like to think where I would have been today. Al praise to Jesus!