Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random? Hmm.

Every now and then something happens that seems so random that its hard to believe -

Like last night
Four of us gathered at a friend's new home for supper, chats and hilarity.
We call our gatherings the "Not a Home Group" -
It started after a study we all did together and when it was over, we were friends and decided to keep meeting every week at each other's homes just for the fun of it.

Last night's was special since it was a sort of house warming as well.
Except we all forgot to bring the house presents

Dear friend, S1 - its her new home we were celebrating. And a lovely home it is too.
She made us a wonderful spread and kept us in stitches as well!

Other dear friend, S2 (would you believe, in such a small group they both have the same name!)
This warm and smart lady has an impish humour!

 After supper, S2 asks us to pray for an 18 year old girl who was seriously hurt in a car accident locally and had to have an operation to fuse 3 vertebrae.
This was yesterday evening.

Today, I get around to phoning the local agent for H20 water filter units to ask them to replace my filters. The water is not tasting as stellar as it used to.
Amazingly, the guy, Michael, tell me he will be here this afternoon.

And he comes, just like he said.
Or rather, his son does - Sean.
I see his face looks a bit beaten up but I'm polite like that and don't comment.

While this strapping lad is lying under my kitchen sink, he makes a throwaway remark about how he has to be careful how he lies because he hurt his arm in an accident recently.
I'm like "Oh shame, thats terrible. What happened?"
He tells me he was the designated driver for his sister's 18th birthday and travelling home in the early hours of the morning over one of the local mountain passes, he comes suddenly upon a half wit who is doing a U-turn right across the road.
So his car smacks right into this guy's car.
And, you guessed it - his sister seriously hurts her back and has had to have an op.

Same incident, same girl, same smash.
Completely unrelated people and events bringing it all together in my kitchen, under the sink.

I stand there, gobsmacked
The Man is there - I tell him - "Bokkie, its this guys sister, the one who had the back op!"
The Man does his version of the guppie too.
And the filter-man is blown away that people who don't know them would be praying for them.

Oh and by the way - the girl has had the op; it was less serious than at first thought and she's doing well.


MelB said...

That is incredible. And how awesome for that guy to be in your home and finding out you are praying for them. Wowowowowowow

blackhuff said...

The power of prayer - amazing, don't you think?!?

allie. said...

@ Mel - Yes incredible!
@ BH - in the interests of integrity, I should tell you that the girl had the op on the Monday night and we prayed for her on Tuesday evening.
However, I'm totally with you, God does do amazing things in response to prayer.

cat said...

Amazing! Well now I would say that God made you taste the filter was off on the day and brought the young man there so that he and his family can find strength in the thought that others are praying for them.

lg said...

Wow. That's awesome. For you and for him!

Lynette said...

Nothing is ever coincidence.
We serve such an awesome God.

Trix's Mix said...

What a story! Thanks for sharing. Girl fine - God is good!