Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Friend? Hmmm

Remember those years when having a "best friend" was vital to your well being -
to say nothing of your emotional survival at school?

The times when we lived in each others pockets, sharing everything.
When we endlessly agonising together over "the bad hair" days; the "does he like me, really?" days; the "my mom is a cow" days; the "will my skin EVER stop breaking out!" days?
Remember those?
And when we got swept up together in the massive highs?
When it was: YES, he does like me; when magically, the hair falls how it should; the days when moms seemed almost human or when skin suddenly, unexpectedly bloomed with health. When you just HAD to keep checking mirrors tomake sure it was real.
Remember those too?

Then, there were the times when she just got on your nerves.

When you didn't even want to talk to her . . .
The need to put some space between you and her?
Until you realised that nothing was as much fun without your buddy to share it with
That somehow life felt 'real-er' when it was shared with her after all.

Well, I see that best friend relationship is a bit like what I have with Alliechilling.
And at the moment, it's not a cat fight scene - its just as though we have been on not-speaking terms, I've been needing my space.
Now I am starting to miss her . . .
So here's hoping we will soon be arm-in-arm friends again
Cosily sharing all the bits and pieces of "our" life again.

In the meantime, enjoy your own best friendblog, kay?
PS: I am reading yours, just so you know . . .


MelB said...

i know this feeling! hope you make up with your bestie soon cos we miss you.

blackhuff said...

I remember this feelings with my best friend on school :) Those were the days.

lg said...

I am sure that one day I will feel that way - I'm still too new at it. Will see you anyway tho! xx

Chez said...

So here I am checking in for the 1st time in ages and you are checking out. Enjoy the break. One needs that at times x

allie. said...

Oh no no no Chez!
I'm not checking out!
Just explaining (obviously not very well!) whats been going on with me.

Chez said...

Okay have to admit I read this upon waking from my iPad and got it all wrong - OOPS! Great to hear there will be more to read. Not to self: Don't reply to ANYTHING upon waking.

Lynette said...

I know that having it at the mo too.

I'm so not a blogger said...

so nice to see you back, glad you couldnt stay away for too long, because yes, its true, we miss you.