Monday, March 28, 2011

Pic Bullets

Robertson riverside for the long weekend. Hot hot hot but truly lovely.

Definitely did NOT slum it there! Thanks to a friend of DH who owns this gorgeous place.

Forget "4 eyes" - this is me being "6 eyed" on the deck!

Looking upstream towards the camp site. Lots of water skiers enjoying the wonderful conditions

It was the weekend of the "big moon" - remember?
We had somefun with it and our camera.
Never mind reaching for the starts - I was reaching for the moon!

Who pinched the moon!?

Lulu making bumble bees out of chips, cheese puffs and marmite.
Quite a work of art and fun to do.

The hands tell the story.
Long loving years together.

Still a hunk!

The littlest of our grandchildren with my hunk.
The small ones adore him: he's aways ready for fun.

The same smallest one a couple of hours later.
Lights out on my bed.

Her big sister deep in creation.
I never tire of watching the little ones at work or play.

And that, dear people, is some of what we've been doing over the last while.
The mojo is still capricious but I know it will emerge with a flourish one of these days.


Hayley said...

Love this post Allie!

And the pics of you and the moon....brilliant!

MacLeod House said...

beautiful pics, loved the moon ones!

I'm so not a blogger said...

Love these pics Allie, and the moon ones are priceless!
Love your posts:-) its like having a chocolate without getting the calories;-)

Lynette said...

Beautiful you were the one who pinched the moon:-) You so obviously adore your little ones...and I know just how that feels.

Rambler said...

Loved this post!

Meriel said...

So lovely to "hear" from you. I also want to make bumble chips - I'm going to try them out tonight!

lg said...

Lekker pics mom! xx

Kirsty said...

Awesome pics! You really are a glamorous Gran! x x

MelB said...

looks like a wonderful place to stay.
a heartwarming post.


Joanne said...

Love the decor in the mates place!
Great pics - very creative.
Arrrh love after all these years - well done to both of you but then you are both soooooo gorgeous.