Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Whatevers

I sure hope its not second childhood kicking in -
But I am fascinated with the new addition to my sidebar -
Did you notice the fish? (ok, you cyber-genii, you probably will tell me they are ancient news, but don't spoil my fun, kay?)

If you move your cursor around, the little fish follow it.
How do they know where the cursor is!?
(No, I don't want the technical answer - sometimes not knowing, just wondering, is more fun.)

Anyway . . .
Update on the renovations: just one pic:

Preparing for the real flooring to go down and the glass to be put in.
And now for someting completely different:

First shot at working with clay on Thursday.
Decided (rather ambitiously) to try to make a little mermaid for my birdbath -
she is in process still, but this is what she looks like so far:

The next thing could be fairies for the garden

1 comment:

cat said...

You have the most amazing view. And no, I have no idea how the fish works.