Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Those Days

I grew up in a small town in the 50's and 60's.
I say that with pride - our generation grew up in best time.
I mean, just the music (think rock n roll, baby! Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and on and on); the explosion of teen energy (not all good looking back, I know - but sheesh, it was great to be in it then) and the dancing . . .

I loved the clothes then too
Some of them are back: the tight black stretch pants with moccasins or pumps, for one.

Others will surely come back some time - the full skirts with wide wide belts; the starched petticoats under them that made them move as though the skirt itself were dancing.

And the hairstyles!
Teased hair - lacquered stiff; urchin cuts; high pony tails

Its a strange thought that the way of life I grew up with is history.
In the real sense of the word.
Its gone and isn't coming back
And so, with huge affection for those days, I'd like to document some memories of  "the way we were" for posterity.
In high school we rode to school on our bikes, cases perched on the crossbars and berets (yup! berets) perched on our heads.
Our route took us through a small river (which has since disappeared) and through a dairy farm (ditto) on our way to school.
I remember sometimes riding with my older brother, who rebelled against everything he possibly could: he used to stop for a smoke in the bush with his scary friends on the way.
Little nerd that I was, I was petrified that someone would see us!
Or that he would make me late.
Discipline in schools then was a reality with teeth.

Or else I walked with friends; that ambling, shambling walk thats all about gut-aching laughter at nothing and everything.
Gossiping about friends and enemies, teachers and parents.
Sharing all the stuff that makes teen girls the closest of friends.

My best friend, who lived over the road from me, and I - we walked everywhere.
Some of my best and strongest memories are of those walks: sometimes to school, sometimes to the beach, sometimes to the library or the teen hang-out place down near the beach.
There was time
There was safety.
How I feel for today's kids who won't ever know what that life was like!


Linda said...

Those were my growing up years too Allie. I remember all of those things. It does seem like it was a nicer time. I can remember walking home late at night after basketball games never worrying about a thing. I loved those years!

mel said...

I would have loved to live in those days, I think you need to show this post to your grandkids and talk to them about it.

I wish with all my heart I could give them this type of lifestyle.

blackhuff said...

I too would have loved to live the the 50's or 60's. It looked like a time with less worries than the time we live in now. Simplicity galore. And because I LOVE dancing, I would have loved growing up then :)

allie. said...

Not a bad idea Mel - remind me when we're all together.
I know you wish that for your children. It sucks that things are so different and its not just in this country either.
The upside is that they never knew about that life so they can't miss it. But it could be interesting for them to hear about - specially Honey.

@ Blackhuff - yeah. Sadly though simplicity is wasted on the young hehe. It seemed to be very complicated at the time: all the teen angst, you know? Its looking back that I can see how special it was.
The music and dancing!! You surely would have loved it

Lynette said...

Oh...I grew up in the 60's and 70's and that had its own magic. I remember hiking to the beach as a pre-teen and spending all day there...totally safe. I remember riding bike to school and later the bus. Yikes, I don't think any of my children have ever gone on "public transport" in their entire lives.

cat said...

Ai yes, even me that grew up in the 80's (another great music but not so fashion) era, had so much more freedom.

lg said...

I think everyone thinks their childhood was 'the best' time although how I will get past saying the 80's were great for hair and fashion, I don't know! Love your photo's and nostaligia.x