Thursday, August 18, 2011


These days I'm not that into fairies.

But my favourite childhood daydream was "hidden-to-grown-ups-eyes" miniature towns with teeny people going about their tiny lives secretly somewhere in the undergrowth in gardens.
And that fairies, elves, pixies and all things tiny and magic were also there, mixing freely with the inhabitants of tiny-towns.
I was a pure product of Enid Blyton, that wondrous writer of kids books.

These days I'm very into my grandchildren -
and since they are a good excuse to revisit that beloved fantasy world, I am grabbing the opportunity.
                                                                    Here is my first step -

                                                      Can't see anything? Try the next pic . . .

My instructions to DH were:
"Don't say anything to the girls. I want to see how long it takes them to discover the fairies."
I kid you not - it took those little girls less than 2 minutes!
Then they quickly identified with them:
Lulu: "This one is me, she has my colour hair."

Honey: "And the green one is me; she has brown hair"


How observant are they?!
I never even noticed the hair colours!

I wonder if I could find a whole bunch of miniature everythings and make my fantasy tiny town.
For the girls of course.


Ness said...


lg said...

I really think you need to watch "Horton hears a Hoo" Or something like that...

Very cute.

Shayne said...

My little one is SO into fairies. her current fav is tinkerbell. And fairies were apparently in the car with us yesterday because she could see their reflection (the sun filtering through the window/visor) on the back of my seat.

oh to be little again.

How magical.

What a wonderful granny you are - and yes, do watch Horton Hears a Hoo or even The Tooth Fairy - wonderful x

Gill said...

I was VERY into fairies as a little girl and SO enjoyed re-visiting those magical times with my two girls. We spent many happy hours reading The Faraway Tree together when they were little.... Hope I am blessed with a couple of grand-daughters to enjoy this kind of stuff with one day!

Gill said...
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