Thursday, November 24, 2011

My House Is Not The Boss Of Me

I really shouldn't be doing this.
Its irresponsible, disorganised and generally a bad idea.
But what the heck!

This morning I dashed out of the house early to help celebrate DD2's birthday over coffee.
Early in the sense that I didnt have time to do housewife stuff like bed-making, dish-doing, etc.
DD1 was already at the lovely garden nursery venue with her sister - my two beautiful girls!
I am one proud mama.
DH joined us later and we had some good laughs, good coffee and good pancakes.

From coffee date to a lunch date with two friends at Noordhoek Village -
What a great morning!
(There is a LOT to be said for my time of life, trust me.)
One friend came back home with me and we hung out till her husband came to fetch her -
Around 5ish

And then the downer -
Nothing in the house for supper
Not a single chore done
blah blah blah
blegh blegh blegh.

They are still undone.
But I wanted to sit right here
And write this
And I did.

I feel strangely liberated.


Jo said...

Good for you, I am so surprised at myself because I can leave stuff a lot longer than ever before since living here. The sheets get washed in the sun is out! hehe

lg said...

It was a good day. A day without chores is always good.... especially when replaced by coffee!

allie. said...

@ Jo.
I like your new style then Jo!
One has to learn to Carpe Diem, specially when you live with capricious weather :-)

@ Lg - It was indeed. Especially when replaced by coffee - and family and friends!

MacLeod House said...

I like a tidy house, but I'm not wild about tidying. Which is a catch 22. But what I've found is that the hubby is positively antsy about tidyness. Lucky for me he can just about keep it together if the kitchen is tidy. So for me, if I don't manage to do a stitch of other housework all day, I at least clear the kitchen and put the dishwasher on - and then all is well in MacLeod land. I can probably get away with *not* doing it about once a month, if I'm just too busy, or if I've been running around like a headless chicken all day. :)

Plus I will admit - the boys are reaching an age now, where they can be 'directed' to tidy up. So it's getting easier!

cat said...

And good on you!

Lynette said...

LOL! There will always be houses to clean and chores to be done...but they are not the most important...sometimes we need to do the things that will never again be repeated.