Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Just a few scattered bits of blognesses:
We were in Cape Town recently and strolled around the Waterfront while we were there.
For Christmas, they have set up a beautiful miniature town, complete with cottagey houses, picket fences, Christmas lights and decorations, church steeple, the works.
We saw it during the day but if you want to take your children, I bet it looks just that much more magical at night.

If you look carefully, you can see a little bible open on the altar inside the steeple!

The day we saw this display also happened to be "Black Tuesday" - the day many Saffers dressed completely in black in protest against the so-called Protection of Information Bill.
An infamous piece of intended legislation whose one claim to fame is that it has successfully united many South Africans - black, coloured and white - against it.
Even our trade unions are dead against it - its quite a bizarre thing for us to be in agreement with Cosatu!
A happy by product of an awful notion .

My  hastily thrown together black-kit

On another tack altogether, DDIL and family spent some time with us recently.
Her sprogs were given some dress-up stuff.
Princessy, satiny and lacey - they were in heaven!

How cute are they?!
I could just eat them up!
Thats all for now -
By the way, anyone else having trouble uploading pics?

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Shayne said...

Oh my goodness - we are SO going to see that when we get to CT - and yes, I agree nightime would be divine.

My little child loves anything fairy and dressup - such a girlie girl x