Saturday, November 5, 2011

Soft and Vulnerable

They say small things amuse small minds
It seems also true that small things can thrill small minds.

My small thing?
I have always coveted long eye lashes.
I think they give a wonderful soft, vulnerable look to their wearer, be they male or female.
Sadly for me, I was apportioned short stubby eyelashes, thanks to my Dad's genes.
When its in the genes, you are usually stuck with it.
But not this, not for me, not this time.
My eyelashes are growing longer.

Don't laugh. Its true.
I was told it was going to happen but didnt believe it. This morning for the first time, I noticed the change -
I rushed from bathroom mirror to bedroom mirror and back - just to make sure.

Then I told DH -
"Oh ja," said he "I noticed that a while ago."
And you didnt think I'd be interested in hearing that?

You want to know my secret, don't you?
I'll tell you.
A couple of years ago I discovered I have glaucoma - the treatment is daily drops for ever.
The side effects of the drops are that your eyes get darker and your eye lashes grow longer.
The specialist himself told me this.
I first thought he was kidding to soften the blow but he assured me he wasnt.
But I gave up hoping for my vulnerable soft look after checking my eyelashes feverishly all through the beginning months.

And now, suddenly -
Scuse me now, I'm just going to check again - maybe I was dreaming . . .


MelB said...

Ha! So it WAS true...hmmm, something to possibly look forward to... :-)

Lynette said...

I wanted long lashes so much that I went for lash extentions...they looked lovely for a few days and then started falling out. It was just too much I will stick with my stompies.

cat said...

Wonderful! Mine are ok but my kids are all blesses with their dad's beautiful long ones. And the Princess have a rare little thing that runs in my mom's family - a double row of lashes. Apparently Liz Taylor had it too.

Anonymous said...

allie said:

@ Mel - Yup but I hope you dont have to go down that road!

@ Lynette - don't think I didnt notice your lovely long lashes when you visited me! But I've heard its a huge mission to get lash extensions done.I dont think I'd have the patience either.

@ Cat - Lucky you! And your kids are even luckier! Specially the Princess. Wow! Double row a la Elizabeth T!