Monday, January 16, 2012

Your Input Please

Like a dog with a bone, I cannot leave the Kalk Bay thing alone
Not just yet.
I first want to show you this stairway: its mosaic-ed on every vertical surface.
You'd think it would look kitch, but no.
Its magical instead.

Ok, moving on now.
I have found a couple of great sites for wannabe writers lately.
Lots and lots of tips -
I'm trying to get my head around some of them - for example, the need for a writer to find their own voice.
Its apparently a biggie.
Understandable really.

"You must find out", say these experts, "whether your writing "voice" is the same as your 'in real life' voice."

There's only one way to do that, right?
So I ask you readers, who know me IRL, what do you say?
Is there a disconnect there, or does my own "voice" come through in my writing?
Please, take a mo, and leave your input . . .

(By the way, if you struggle to leave a comment, just take the Anonymous option and leave your name under your comment)
Thanks for your help (says she, optimistically)


Anonymous said...

This is tricky? can you ask more specific questions that we can answer? it is difficult to put a test against your 'real voice' if we havent met you in real life. i find your writing most poignant when you share your spiritual journey with us.

allie. said...

Hi Anonymous - yes, it would be an impossible question for you if you don't know me IRL.

But your input about the content is hugely helpful - actually thats what I most love writing about the most.
So clever you, to have picked that up!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me

Gill said...

Allie, I obviously don't know you in real life, but I can say that I find your "writing voice" very consistent - what I mean by that is the Allie I was reading when you first started your blog, and the Allie I am reading today seem to have the same voice! Hope that makes sense! And that's not to say that your writing hasn't grown - I can definitely see progression in your writing.

Lynette said...

Well I have met you IRL and you were exactly what I expected after following your blog for some time. I think the real you shine through each and every post you do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would say your writing voice matches you in person. Slight tilt of your upper body in conversation also seems to come through in the script! Don't think too much about that one, just the Sha-ness in her ness-ness.

I'm so not a blogger said...

I really enjoy your writing, no idea whether it matches you 'IRL' but then when you are a famous author, are you going to have met each and every one of your readers?! ;-) Really enjoying going through this process 'with' you, I find it quite inspiring!

cat said...

I obviously do not know you IRL but you do come through to me as honest which I do believe is a big part of any writing voice.