Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Ways

I love this picture
But I loathe what it represents to me:
Its what Emily at Chatting At The Sky calls "the try hard" life.

Where you get caught up in the 'ought to's' and the 'should's' -
Where there is this weight of feeling you aren't doing enough, or being enough
That you are being weighed in some scales and being found wanting
And you don't even know by whom -
The feeling rides you, and leeches all the joy out of life.
A no-win balancing act on a lonely, narrow strip of whiteness as far as you can see -
Lose your balance, and you're no longer on the white-way.
There is no rest here
No peace.
It is the way of Law-keeping.

And then there is this picture
Which I love
And I love what it represents too

A wide, tree-shaded, strolling place
In the heart of nature: all the time in the world: no pressures to perform: just being who you are.
Uniquely you.
The way of peace
The way of rest
The wide way of grace.


lg said...

Loved this post - and the pictures!

MelB said...

Eish, i dont even need to tell you how i feel about this post....

cat said...

Taking the road less travelled !

Lynette said...

Those pictures sure tell a story.