Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Shout It Out

Do you ever wish you could  take a megaphone (or the modern equivalent) and just let the whole world know that Jesus Christ is who He says He is
And has done exactly what He says He has done?!
Are you ever overcome with the frustration of not being able to communicate that with sad and desperate people?

So many people looking for meaning!
Looking for purpose
Looking for unconditional love
Feeling lost
And hopeless -
Even suicidal
Because it all seems so pointless

But we know its not
But how to tell it
So it doesnt sound like a trite regurgitation of stale stuff heard a thousand times
Flat and meaningless?

Oh God!
For arms so wide that they could embrace hurting humanity
With the shocking, mind-boggling reality of Your desire to have them all
As Your fiercely beloved children
With purpose and destiny and meaning
And, at the end, and endless exciting adventure with the One
Who died for us
To set us free
And unite us to the God we all know, in our hearts, is true.


cat said...

Lovely Allie!

Anonymous said...
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